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The club


Created administratively in October 2008 (Declaration in the prefecture), the club wished to organize and prepare before opening its doors in September 2009. It was originally called the HandBall Bormes le Lavandou, it changed its name in 2019 to become the HandBall Bormes le Lavandou la Londe going from 2 to 3 municipalities grouped under the same jersey.

From the 1st year, 90 licensees joined our club which today has more than 170 licensees divided into 8 teams in competitions whether they are departmental or regional, without forgetting the baby and mini-hand sections, BeachHandball, leisure seniors and the specific "goalkeeper".


The Federation rewards us each year by awarding us the "School of Handball" label, thus rewarding the quality of our welcome and our supervision, as well as the promotion of baby (3/6 years) and mini handball (7/9 years).


Regularly, young players are called up for the Var selection, it is a reward for these young people but also for all the volunteer educators and this underlines the excellence of the training within the club.


For 2 years, we have also been awarded the "Arbitration School" label for our work in training young referees.


Since 2012, several Handball stars have supported our club such asDaniel NARCISSE, Best player in the world 2013,Janella BLONBOU, EDFF World Champion and European U20 Champion,Mary Fall, U20 European Champion,Guillaume GILLES, Coach of the EDFM andJerome Fernandez, European, World and Olympic Champion.

The club is delighted with its excellent results:

- U18 Men champions of the Var and vice-champions Côte d'Azur in 2016/2017

- U13 Women vice-champions of the Var in 2017/2018.

- U13 Women champions challenge SPINA 2018 (bringing together all the teams of the Var)

- U13 Male champions challenge ESPENON 2018 (bringing together all the teams of the Var)

- U15 Women champions of the Var in 2019/2020

- U15 Male champions PACA Excellence in 2021/2022

- U17 Women champions of the Var in 2022/2023

The club is also:

- A partnership with the Toulon Métropole Var HandBall professional club.

- Participation in inter-municipal events: Telethon, flower parades & luminous, association forums,              Sports in Light, Oasis Beach Tour, Sports Lights.

- Its own events: Challenge Gilbert GHIO bringing together 60 teams from the department for a weekend and the    80s evening (400 guests).

- The organization of 3 advanced training courses per season.

- The formation of 2 civic contracts within the club.

- Young people regularly selected in the Var team.

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